Protocol upgrades

Cowboy features many different handlers, each for different purposes. All handlers have a common entry point: the init/3 function.

The default handler type is the simple HTTP handler.

To switch to a different protocol, you must perform a protocol upgrade. This is what is done for Websocket and REST and is explained in details in the respective chapters.

You can also create your own protocol on top of Cowboy and use the protocol upgrade mechanism to switch to it.

For example, if you create the my_protocol module implementing the cowboy_sub_protocol behavior, then you can upgrade to it by simply returning the module name from init/3.

The cowboy_sub_protocol behavior only requires one callback, upgrade/4. It receives the Req object, the middleware environment, and the handler and options for this request. This is the same module as the init/3 function and the same options that were passed to it.

This callback is expected to behave like a middleware. Please see the corresponding chapter for more information.


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