cowboy_http - HTTP/1.1


The module cowboy_http implements HTTP/1.1 and HTTP/1.0 as a Ranch protocol.


opts() :: #{
    connection_type         => worker | supervisor,
    env                     => cowboy_middleware:env(),
    idle_timeout            => timeout(),
    inactivity_timeout      => timeout(),
    max_empty_lines         => non_neg_integer(),
    max_header_name_length  => non_neg_integer(),
    max_header_value_length => non_neg_integer(),
    max_headers             => non_neg_integer(),
    max_keepalive           => non_neg_integer(),
    max_method_length       => non_neg_integer(),
    max_request_line_length => non_neg_integer(),
    middlewares             => [module()],
    request_timeout         => timeout(),
    shutdown_timeout        => timeout(),
    stream_handlers         => [module()]

Configuration for the HTTP/1.1 protocol.

This configuration is passed to Cowboy when starting listeners using cowboy:start_clear/3 or cowboy:start_tls/3 functions.

It can be updated without restarting listeners using the Ranch functions ranch:get_protocol_options/1 and ranch:set_protocol_options/2.

The default value is given next to the option name:

connection_type (supervisor)

Whether the connection process also acts as a supervisor.

env (#{})

Middleware environment.

idle_timeout (60000)

Time in ms with no data received before Cowboy closes the connection.

inactivity_timeout (300000)

Time in ms with nothing received at all before Cowboy closes the connection.

max_empty_lines (5)

Maximum number of empty lines before a request.

max_header_name_length (64)

Maximum length of header names.

max_header_value_length (4096)

Maximum length of header values.

max_headers (100)

Maximum number of headers allowed per request.

max_keepalive (100)

Maximum number of requests allowed per connection.

max_method_length (32)

Maximum length of the method.

max_request_line_length (8000)

Maximum length of the request line.

middlewares ([cowboy_router, cowboy_handler])

Middlewares to run for every request.

request_timeout (5000)

Time in ms with no requests before Cowboy closes the connection.

shutdown_timeout (5000)

Time in ms Cowboy will wait for child processes to shut down before killing them.

stream_handlers ([cowboy_stream_h])

Ordered list of stream handlers that will handle all stream events.


  • 2.0: The timeout option was renamed request_timeout.
  • 2.0: The idle_timeout, inactivity_timeout and shutdown_timeout options were added.
  • 2.0: The max_method_length option was added.
  • 2.0: The max_request_line_length default was increased from 4096 to 8000.
  • 2.0: The connection_type option was added.
  • 2.0: The env option is now a map instead of a proplist.
  • 2.0: The stream_handlers option was added.
  • 2.0: The compress option was removed in favor of the cowboy_compress_h stream handler.
  • 2.0: Options are now a map instead of a proplist.
  • 2.0: Protocol introduced. Replaces cowboy_protocol.

See also

cowboy(7), cowboy_http2(3), cowboy_websocket(3)

Cowboy 2.0 Function Reference


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