Migrating from Cowboy 2.9 to 2.10

Cowboy 2.10 is a maintenance release adding support for Erlang/OTP 26. The main change is a Cowlib update to fix a compilation error that only occurs starting from OTP 26.

Cowboy 2.10 requires Erlang/OTP 22.0 or greater.

Features added

  • Add support for Default value of SameSite cookie attribute.
  • Add support for the stale-* cache-control directives from RFC 5861.
  • Update Cowlib to 2.12.1.

Bugs fixed

  • Fix a compilation error in Cowlib when using Erlang/OTP 26.
  • Fix data sent after RST_STREAM in HTTP/2 in rare cases.
  • Fix parsing of RST_STREAM frames to properly handle frames that have a valid length but were not fully received yet.
  • Remove the obsolete Version cookie attribute.
  • Handle more edge cases for cookie parsing based on updates to the RFC 6265bis draft.
  • Make Basic auth parsing ignore unknown authentication parameters and generally update the code to conform to RFC 7617.
  • Fix URI template reserved expansion of %-encoded.
  • Update structured headers implementation to RFC 8941.

Cowboy 2.10 User Guide


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