cowboy_decompress_h - Decompress stream handler


The module cowboy_decompress_h decompresses request bodies automatically when the server supports it.

The only compression algorithm currently supported is the gzip algorithm. Another limitation is that decompression is only attempted when gzip is the only content-encoding in the request.

This stream handler always adds a field to the Req object with the name content_decoded which is treated as a list of decoded content-encoding values. Currently this list may only contain the <<"gzip">> binary if content was decoded; or be empty otherwise.


opts() :: #{
	decompress_enabled => boolean(),
	decompress_ratio_limit => non_neg_integer()

Configuration for the decompress stream handler.

The default value is given next to the option name:

decompress_ratio_limit (20)

The max ratio of the compressed and decompressed body before it is rejected with a 413 Payload Too Large error response.

This option can be updated at any time using the set_options stream handler command.

decompress_enabled (true)

Whether the handler is enabled by default.

This option can be updated using the set_options stream handler command. This allows disabling decompression for the current stream. Attempts to enable or disable decompression after starting to read the body will be ignored.


The decompress stream handler does not produce any event.


  • 2.11: Module introduced.

See also

cowboy(7), cowboy_stream(3), cowboy_compress_h(3), cowboy_metrics_h(3), cowboy_stream_h(3), cowboy_tracer_h(3)

Cowboy 2.12 Function Reference


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