cowboy_req:parse_cookies - Parse cookie headers


parse_cookies(Req) -> [{Name, Value}]

Name  :: binary() %% case sensitive
Value :: binary() %% case sensitive

Parse cookie headers.

Alias for cowboy_req:parse_header(<<"cookie">>, Req).

When the cookie header is missing, [] is returned.

While an empty cookie header is not valid, some clients do send it. Cowboy will in this case also return [].



The Req object.

Return value

The cookies are returned as a list of key/values. Keys and values are case sensitive binary strings.


  • 2.0: Only the parsed header value is returned, it is no longer wrapped in a tuple.
  • 2.0: Function introduced. Replaces cookie/2,3 and cookies/1.


Look for a specific cookie
Cookies = cowboy_req:parse_cookies(Req),
{_, Token} = lists:keyfind(<<"token">>, 1, Cookies).

See also

cowboy_req(3), cowboy_req:parse_header(3), cowboy_req:match_cookies(3)

Cowboy 2.4 Function Reference


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