Changes since Cowboy 2.6

The following patch versions were released since Cowboy 2.6:

Cowboy 2.6.3

This release updates Cowlib to 2.7.3 to fix the vsn value in the file that was causing issues to Elixir users.

Cowboy 2.6.2

This release updates Cowlib to 2.7.2.

A bug in the HTTP/2 code that resulted in the failure to fully send iolist response bodies has been fixed. Cowboy would just wait indefinitely in those cases.

Cowboy will now use the host header when the HTTP/2 :authority pseudo header is missing. A common scenario where this occurs is when proxies translate incoming HTTP/1.1 requests to HTTP/2.

The cowboy_static handler will now properly detect the type of files that have an uppercase or mixed extension component.

A bug where the stacktrace was incorrect in error messages has been fixed. The problem occurred when an exception occurred in the handler's terminate callback.

Minor documentation fixes.

Cowboy 2.6.1

This release updates Ranch to 1.7.1.

It fixes an issue with the PROXY protocol where the wrong CRC32 algorithm was used and would cause checksum verification to fail.

Cowboy 2.6 User Guide


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