gun:cancel - Cancel the given stream


cancel(ConnPid, StreamRef) -> ok

ConnPid   :: pid()
StreamRef :: reference()

Cancel the given stream.

The behavior of this function depends on the protocol selected.

HTTP/1.1 does not support this feature. Gun will simply silence the stream and stop relaying messages. Gun may also decide to close the connection if the response body is too large, to avoid wasting time and bandwidth.

HTTP/2 allows cancelling streams at any time.

This function is asynchronous. Messages related to this stream may still be sent after the function returns.



The pid of the Gun connection process.


Identifier of the stream for the original request.

Return value

The atom ok is returned.


  • 1.0: Function introduced.


Cancel a stream
gun:cancel(ConnPid, StreamRef).

See also

gun(3), gun:get(3), gun:head(3), gun:options(3), gun:patch(3), gun:post(3), gun:put(3), gun:delete(3), gun:request(3)

Gun 1.3 Function Reference


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