gun:shutdown - Gracefully close the connection


shutdown(ConnPid) -> ok

ConnPid :: pid()

Gracefully close the connection.

Gun will wait for up to closing_timeout milliseconds before brutally closing the connection. The graceful shutdown mechanism varies between the different protocols:

  • For HTTP/1.1 there is no such mechanism and Gun will close the connection once the current response is received. Any pipelined requests are immediately terminated.
  • For HTTP/2 Gun will send a GOAWAY frame and wait for the existing streams to terminate.
  • For Websocket Gun will send a close frame and wait for the server's close frame before closing the connection.

The function returns immediately. The connection may therefore still be up for some time after this call.

Gun will not attempt to reconnect once graceful shutdown has been initiated.



The pid of the Gun connection process.

Return value

The atom ok is returned.


  • 2.0: Function introduced.


Gracefully shutdown the connection
ok = gun:shutdown(ConnPid).

See also

gun(3), gun:open(3), gun:open_unix(3), gun:close(3)

Gun 2.0 Function Reference


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