gun_socks_up - The Socks connection is up


{gun_socks_up, ConnPid, Protocol}

ConnPid  :: pid()
Protocol :: http | http2 | socks

The Socks connection is up.

This message informs the owner/calling process that the connection completed through the configured Socks proxy.

If Gun is configured to connect to another Socks server, then the connection is not usable yet. One or more gun_socks_up(3) messages will follow.

Otherwise, Gun will start processing the messages it received while waiting for the connection to be up. If this is a reconnection, then this may not be desirable for all requests. Those requests should be cancelled when the connection goes down, and any subsequent messages ignored.



The pid of the Gun connection process.


The protocol selected for this connection. It can be used to determine the capabilities of the server.


  • 2.0: Message introduced.


Receive a gun_socks_up message in a gen_server
handle_info({gun_socks_up, ConnPid, _Protocol},
            State=#state{conn_pid=ConnPid}) ->
    %% Do something.
    {noreply, State}.

See also

gun(3), gun:open(3), gun:open_unix(3), gun:await_up(3), gun_up(3), gun_down(3), gun_error(3)

Gun 2.0 Function Reference


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