Migrating from Gun 1.2 to 1.3

Gun 1.3 improves the support for CONNECT requests introduced in the previous version and documents Websocket protocol negotiation.

Features added

  • The protocols CONNECT destination option has been added as a replacement for the now deprecated protocol option.
  • Add built-in support for Websocket protocol negotiation through the Websocket option protocols. The interface of the handler module currently remains undocumented and must be set to gun_ws_h.
  • Add the h2specd HTTP/2 test suite from the h2spec project.

Bugs fixed

  • Fix connecting to HTTP/2 over TLS origin servers via HTTP/1.1 CONNECT proxies.
  • Do not send the HTTP/1.1 keepalive while waiting for a response to a CONNECT request.
  • Do not crash on HTTP/2 HEADERS frames with the PRIORITY flag set.
  • Do not crash on HTTP/2 HEADERS frames when the END_HEADERS flag is not set.
  • Do not crash on unknown HTTP/2 frame types.
  • Reject HTTP/2 WINDOW_UPDATE frames when they would cause the window to overflow.
  • Send a GOAWAY frame on closing the HTTP/2 connection.

Gun 2.1 User Guide


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