ranch:get_addr - Get the listening address


get_addr(Ref :: ranch:ref())
    -> {IP   :: inet:ip_address(),
        Port :: inet:port_number()}
     | {local, SocketFile :: binary()}
     | {undefined, undefined}

Get the listening address.



The listener name.

Return value

The address of the listener is returned as a tuple of the form {IP, Port} when listening on a network interface, or {local, SocketFile} when listening on a UNIX Domain socket. When the listener is suspended, {undefined, undefined} will be returned.

The IP address is the IP of the network interface the socket is bound to.

The socket file is the path of a file on your system the socket is bound to.


Get the listening port and IP
{IP, Port} = ranch:get_addr(example).
Get the listening UNIX Domain socket file
{local, SocketFile} = ranch:get_addr(example).

See also

ranch:start_listener(3), ranch:get_port(3), ranch:info(3), ranch(3)

Ranch 2.0 Function Reference


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