Nine Nines is an open-source Erlang company specialized in building highly concurrent and fault tolerant web applications.


Learn Erlang and Cowboy

The Erlang and OTP courses allow beginners to quickly get up to speed using the language, the standard OTP library and the modern open source projects.

The Cowboy course allows confirmed Erlang developers to learn how to use the web server and related libraries to build powerful web applications.

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Direct access to our developers

Get direct email or phone access to our developers. We can help you use our products and extend them to fit the current and future needs of your business, allowing you to grow without having to worry about scaling your platform.

We also provide support for more traditional Erlang or OTP applications.

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At your side when you need it

We provide consulting services for any kind of Erlang project. If you need help migrating to Cowboy, scaling your applications to millions of users, or are simply starting out with Erlang, we can help you.

We can provide these services in-house anywhere in the world if you need us at your side.

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