Cowboy 2.0 release candidate 2

2017 23 Aug

Cowboy 2.0.0-rc.2 has been released!

This is the new recommended version of Cowboy. Its API should not change before release. While you probably should not use it in production yet, many do successfully. Use at your own risk.

This new version contains fixes for the following issues:

  • HTTP/2 server push was using the wrong header compression context.
  • HTTP/2 flow control could end up queueing data in the wrong order when resuming the sending of data.
  • The shutdown timeout was not implemented and request processes could be killed too quickly.

What else is new in Cowboy 2.0? Check the rc.1 announcement.

Please test this new release candidate and provide feedback! The best place to provide feedback is via tickets. Do not hesitate to open a ticket or bring an existing ticket to my attention to get it resolved before 2.0.