The Erlanger Playbook

18 Jun

I am proud to announce the pre-release of The Erlanger Playbook.

The Erlanger Playbook is a book about software development using Erlang. It currently covers all areas from the conception, design, the writing of code, documentation and tests.

The book is still a work in progress. Future topics will include refactoring, debugging and tracing, benchmarking, releases, community management (for open source projects).

The following sections are currently available:

  • About this book; Future additions

  • Workflow: Think; Write; Stay productive

  • Documentation: On documentation; Tutorials; User guide; Manual

  • Code: Starting a project; Version control; Project structure; Code style; Best practices; Special processes

  • Tests: On testing; Success typing analysis; Manual testing; Unit testing; Functional testing

Read a preview: Special processes

The book is currently just shy of 100 pages. The final version of the book is planned to be between 200 and 250 pages. A print version of the book will be considered once the final version gets released. The printed book is not included in the price.

This is a self-published book. The base price is 50€. All proceeds will be used to allow me to work on open source full time.

You are more than welcome to pay extra by using this second button. It allows you to set the price you want. Make sure to set it to at least 50€ to receive the book.

Make sure to provide a valid email address.

There will be a delay between payment and sending of the book. This process is currently manual.

As the book is a pre-release, feedback is more than welcome. You can send your comments to erlanger@ this website.

The plan is to add about 20 pages every month until it is completed. You will receive updates to the book for free as soon as they are available.

Huge thanks for your interest in buying this book!