Website update

2016 02 Apr

Last week-end I updated the Nine Nines website.

I switched to Hugo. The site is now built from Asciidoc documents. You probably saw me switch to Asciidoc for documentation this past year. This is the natural conclusion to that story. The great thing is that with a little bit of Makefile magic I can just copy the documentation files into Hugo and poof, they appear on the website.

I am very happy with that new setup. I can now post my thoughts again. Woo! Expect regular posts from now on. I will try to replace my long series of tweets with posts.

The sections have been rearranged. There used to be a separate training section; now all my services are described in one page. I have also clarified my areas of expertise. There used to be confusion in the past, so now it should be clearer that I am not a distributed systems expert.

On that note, if you are looking for my services right now, I'm not available. I'll have to work 7 days a week for a while. Try again in a couple months. More on that in a future post.

The documentation becomes a first class citizen. Bullet and Cowlib don't have proper documentation... yet. I have started working on the Cowlib documentation, and Bullet shouldn't take too long. All these projects will be documented when Cowboy gets to 2.0, and will all be supported equally. Note that the Cowboy 1.0 documentation still has the old website templates and links. Don't worry about it.

The mailing lists link has been removed. I did announce a few months back that mailing lists were going to go. They're still up right now, but not for long. I am planning to put the archives read-only, link to them from a future post and be done with it. If you have a question, open a ticket on Github. Then I can just decide to leave the ticket open if I want to do improvements based on your feedback.

I have replaced most of the "we" by "I". I am a one-man company right now. Have been for a while. Doesn't make sense to keep a facade. I want to be close to users, not put a barrier between us.

The RSS changed. The old link doesn't work anymore. The new link is at /index.xml, or /articles/index.xml if you only care about my posts. I guess that's the one most people want.

I still have some tweaks to do, but it will take a while. My long term plan is to remove Bootstrap, use vanilla CSS and as little JS as possible. The reason for that is that it's cheaper than upgrading libraries every few years. Life is too short to spend it upgrading JS libraries.