The Gateway Trilogy

2020 31 Mar

In my spare time I have made a rather small contribution to a game that just released on Steam today: The Gateway Trilogy.

Play it!

I've written a small Windows program, steamwrapper, that is responsible for unlocking achievements on Steam when they are unlocked in the game. Due to how the game is written it's necessary to have a separate program handle this task and I've volunteered and did the work to make it happen. The program will most likely end up also used for The Dream Machine, which you may already have heard of.

Since half the planet has to stay at home, I figured I would share this information and offer recommendation for both games. You won't regret playing them. They offer good puzzles, weird weirdness and interesting situations. And if you're not into gaming yourself, they might be good to calm down your kids. Though reading comprehension is necessary. (If your kids are too young, try CHUCHEL or Botanicula. If you need more, just ask me directly. I got experience.)

Stay safe!