Joe Armstrong the rubber duck

2019 11 Jun

Joe Armstrong passed away a couple months ago. This was a sad day, completely unexpected to me, and he will be sorely missed.

Great eulogies were written.

My most striking memory of Joe was during dinner at his place after a conference in Stockholm many years ago. Joe was describing his rubber duck debugging method and introduced us to his famous rubber duck.

"When you can't figure it out, ask the duck!"

I then had the greatest idea. What if I could get a rubber duck built in Joe's likeness? Surely there is no greater mind than the combination of Joe and his rubber duck.

As great an idea that was, I had to settle for the next best thing. I suppose custom rubber ducks are not in high demand.

Joe Armstrong the rubber duck

I will honor your memory by continuing to work on and with Erlang, and I thank you in advance for the help you'll send my way during those difficult rubber duck debugging sessions.

Goodbye Joe.